Policy regarding  reports submitted late

Lab reports are due at the start (<10 min) of the scheduled experiment, unless otherwise indicated. At this time, the student is able to obtain full (100% maximum) credit on this work. Your score  will be affected by the size of the delay, as follows.

-  Within 24 hours: 90% total credit possible

-  Between 24 and 48 hours: 80%.

-  Between 48 and 72 hours: 70%.

-  More than 72 hours: 0%.


Laboratory Makeup Policy     

_ Make-ups are allowable only for those who missed labs for legitimate reasona and received the TA's permission to make up a lab(s).  (Give a writen documentation to your lab TA at the next lab meeting or bring it to his/her research lab.   You will also need to ask for  permission to make up the missed lab)

_ Missed labs without a valid excuse, shall count as zero (0), and the student will not allowed to  make up this missed lab.

_Students are not allowed to make up late lab reports or to make up more than two experiments  during the scheduled lab make-up time. Redoing labs is not possible.

_ Missed shceduled make-ups will be counted as zero and will not be rescheduled unless  exceptional circumstances are determined.

_ If more than three labs are missed, with or wihtout valid excuses, the student will fail the course.

_The lab TA(s) will inform you  of  the make-up schedule and the due dates for make-up reports.