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Exp0. Introduction, Work Instructions, and Laboratory Safety



[Lab Safety]

Exp.1. Synthesis of Cr(acac)3 and Co(acac)3

Jaehyuck Choi, Minkyung Jang


Exp.2. Tetraphenylporphyrin and Its Copper(II) Complex

Jaehyuck Choi, Minkyung Jang


Exp.3. Ferrocene and Its Derivative (1)

Nara Kim, Sehye Min


Exp.4. Ferrocene and Its Derivative (2) and (3)

Nara Kim, Sehye Min


  Lab Report  format & Scoring Guidelines for Biochemistry Experiment


Exp.5. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Deokhee Kang


Exp.6. DNA Purification Jinwoo Choi


Exp.7. Plasmid Ligation and Transformation Hyeokjin Oh


Exp.8. Protein Purification and SDS PAGE (I)

Kibeom Hong


Exp.9.  Protein Purification and SDS PAGE (II)

Suyeong Han