Methods of Evaluation

     The student will be evaluated based on his/her in-lab performance involving criteria listed below.

     Point total per experiment = 80 points


          1) Attitude (20 points)

            (a) Punctuality (5 pts)

            (b) Exhibition of proper Lab Safety (5 pts)

            (c) Appropriate Cleanliness; e.g., uncluttered research area (5 pts)

            (d) Appearance of being undistracted and focused on tasks at hand (5 pts)           


           3) Laboratory reports (60 points)

             (a) Introduction(5 pts) & Chemicals (5 pts)

             (b) Data & results (30 pts)  

                 -Quantitative results; Data & Calculation, Table & Graphs

                 -Qualitative results: Observations

            (c) Discussion   (20 pts)


                -Assessment of results


           (d) Inclusion of references  



Criteria Section Points Explanations
Attitude Attendance:late arrival 5, 0

If you have arrived at the lab in time for roll call, yWhen you arrive at the lab before ou will receive the full score (5 pts). If you arrive 20 min late, you will receive 0 pt. If you are 20 minutes late, you can not participate in the day's lab experiment. (No re-takes.)

Attendance:absence without notice 0

If you are absent 3 times without proper notification, a credit of "F" will be recorded.

*The lab experiment is ONLY permitted in registered class.

*Valid excuses include an illness (with a valid doctor's excuse) or uncommon circumstance beyond one's control (death in family), etc.

*The student must submit a written verification of absence to be excused.

Lab safety / cleanliness 5, 0

Check List: Wear lab coat, safety glasses, long pants, covered shoes, gloves. Proper chemical waste handling, limited or no breakage of glassware.


After completion of the lab, TA will check the cleanliness of your bench and its surrounding. (plus the analytical balance station.)

Concentration 5, 0 Check list: Avoiding gossiping, handling mobile phone (touching, ringing, chatting), and so on: 5 pts
Post-laboratory report Name   If missing, -2 pts Before the experiment
Date   If missing, -2 pts
Title   If missing, -2 pts
Introduction 5, 2, 0  
Chemicals    MSDS search for all chemicals: Toxicity, physical properties. If missing, -4 pts.
Procedure 5, 2, 0 Copying the procedure on the manual is meaningless. Record actual procedure that you've done during the lab. After the Experiment
Date & Results 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 0

Quantitative results: Data & Calculation, Tables & graphs

Qualitative results:Observations

Discussion 20, 15, 10, 5, 0

Assessing the results, and drawing appropriate conclusions from all of the data acquired, and all analysis performed. Try to put this assignment into perspective with general knowledge, course content, and possible cutting edge research areas.

Reference   If missing, -2 pts