Chemistry Laboratory II  Syllabus



Important Notice

All students are required to attend the orientation either on March 6 (students enrolled in CH352A) or 8 (students enrolled in CH352B, E6-4, #2124).

Missing the orientation will result in significant point deduction in the total score (Maximum A- grade).


Course Description

This organic chemistry laboratory course is intended to provide students majoring in chemistry with fundamental and

essential experimental skills and cencepts in organic chemistry.


Course Prerequisites

    Organic Chemistry I (CH221) and  II (CH223)







13:00 ~ 19:00













    Goong-Ni Laboratory Building(E6-5), room # 502, or 506



    Professor Sunkyu Han: CH352A,

    Professor Hyunwoo Kim: CH352B,


Teaching Assistant

   장영호 (Head TA, Youngho Jang), 신지수 (Jisoo Shin), 노유현 (Youhyun Rho), 한솔 (Sol Han), 이민한(Minhan Lee), 진성호(Sungho Jin)


Course Web Site:


Grading Policy  

25%: Pre-lab reports (hand writing)

30%: Experiments and Results (Experiments and Results PPT files)

20%: Mid-term paper

25%: Final paper


Course Schedule (TBA)






2/27, 3/1

No Class (Enjoy the first week of the semester)


3/6, 3/8

Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab (Orientation: Mandatory!). Safety, organic chemistry literatures, chemdraw, scifinder and more. Tips on how to ACE this course will be revealed on this day by Sunkyu Han.


3/13, 3/15

Menthol Purification-Thin-Layer Chromatography and Column Chromatography


3/20, 3/22

Menthol Esterification-Setting up a reaction and conducting work-up


3/27, 3/29

Diels-Alder Reaction


4/3, 4/5

Biginelli Reaction


4/10, 4/12

No Labs (Enjoy the beautiful Cherry Blossoms)


4/17, 4/19

No labs (Good luck with the midterm exams)

Mid-term Paper Due:04/22 10 pm


4/24, 4/26

Converting Aniline to Brominated Acetylide


5/1, 5/3

No labs (Enjoy the long weekend)


5/8, 5/10

Copper-Catalyzed Three-Component Reaction


5/15, 5/17

No labs (Enjoy the KAIST Students' Festival)


5/22, 5/24

Multistep Synthesis (2)


5/29, 5/31

Multistep Synthesis (3)


6/5, 6/7

No labs (We know that you must be very busy around this time of the year so we cancelled the lab. Cheer up!)


6/12, 6/14

No labs (Good luck with your finals)

Final Paper Due:06/17 10 pm



Pre-Lab Reports (25%)      

Download the lab manual from the website. Read the manual and answer the pre-lab questions.

Refer to references for answers to the pre-lab reports. Hand-writing only (typing is not acceptable)

Use your pre-lab report during the lab and SUBMIT to your TA when you leave the lab.

Your TA will inspect the cleanliness of your hood, bench, and glasswares. Only after the approval of

your TA, your pre-lab report will be accepted. Pre-lab reports that are not properly submitted won't be graded

and will get to credit.


Experiments and Results PPT Files (30%)    

Follow the instructions of the manual.

Adhere to the safety rules.

During the course of experiments, take notes of experimental set up, observations, data etc.

You may take photo of experimental set ups and result.

After finishing the labwork, generate a PPT file (maximum 5 pages) that contains the experimental data.

Submission of a text light, scheme (Chemdraw, see below on how to install it) and photo heavy PPT file is encouraged.

That will make your life easier.

Submit your ppt file using turnitin before the next lab starts.


Midterm and Final Papers (20, 25% respectively)  

1.  Online submission:

2. Create your account. Enter Class ID and Password (provided by TA).

3.  Use ACS style template from

4. Enter your name in Korean (한글로 이름과 성 입력). English for foreign students.

5. Submission  due:  TBA

6. For chemical drawing, use ChemBioDraw software.

7. Reports should contain general contents:introduction, data & results, actual experimental procedures, discussion, and references.

8. Post-lab questions should be included in the paper.

9. Plagiarism results in zero for all reports involved (Determined by Chief TA and Professor turnitin platform are very good at detecting

   similarity between reports. Copy and paste of published paper will also be detected in the turnitin platform. So don't do that !)

10. Late submission is not allowed in Turnitin website. You should send your lab report to Chief TA. The maximum score for the late report is B+.


How to Download and Install Chemdraw Software   

1. Go to and create and ID and sign-in.

2. Go to

   Log-in using your KAIST email and obtain the Serial Number via email. Serial number can be obtained only once by the KAIST email account.

  Be careful about the privacy of your account.


Laboratory Makeup Policy     

_ Make-ups are only for those who missed labs for a legitimate reason and got permission to make up lab.

   (Give a writen documentation to Chief TA)

_ In any cases, contact Chief TA before your lab for permission.

_Missed labs without a valid excuse, shall count as zero (no credit for the prelab and experimental and results PPT) and

  the studetn will not be allowed to make up this missed lab.

_ Students are not allowed to make up late Experimental and Results PPT or to make up more than two experiments

  during the scheduled lab make-up time. Re-doing labs is not possible.

_ Missed scheduled make-ups will be counted as zero and will not be rescheduled unless exceptional

  circumstances exist.

_If more than three labs are missed with or without valid excused student shall fail the course.

- Your lab TA will let you know the make-up schedule and the due dates for make-up reports.