Laboratory Makeup Policy     


_ Make-ups are only for those who missed labs for a legitimate reason and got permission to make up lab.

   (Give a writen documentation to Chief TA)


_ In any cases, contact Chief TA before your lab for permission.


_Missed labs without a valid excuse, shall count as zero (no credit for the prelab and experimental and results PPT) and

  the studetn will not be allowed to make up this missed lab.


_ Students are not allowed to make up late Experimental and Results PPT or to make up more than two experiments

  during the scheduled lab make-up time. Re-doing labs is not possible.


_ Missed scheduled make-ups will be counted as zero and will not be rescheduled unless exceptional

  circumstances exist.


_If more than three labs are missed with or without valid excused student shall fail the course.


- Your lab TA will let you know the make-up schedule and the due dates for make-up reports.